Pickup and Delivery Available


We will sharpen or replace blade(s) as needed, install an air filter and spark plug, tighten and adjust the wheels and adjusters, drain and clean the fuel system as well as adjust the cables and controls. In addition we'll set engine rpms within manufacturer's specifications, inspect the self-propel system and lubricate drive ratchets on walk power mowers. On riding mowers we'll adjust tracking and belts. Each mower gets filled with stabilized fuel; steam cleaned housing and we test all mower operations.

Up to 22 inch Walk/Power Mower$75.99 Plus Parts
30" Walk/Power Mower$109.99 Plus Parts
Zero Turn Rider$189.99 Plus Parts
Tractor Front Engine$169.99 Plus Parts
Rear Engine Rider$149.99 Plus Parts
Wide Area Walk Behind Mower$139.99 Plus Parts
Handheld EquipmentTuneup Price
Backpack Blower$98.99 Plus Parts
String Trimmer$60.99 Plus Parts
Edger$64.99 Plus Parts
Chain Saw$65.99 Plus Parts (with sharpening)
Hedge Trimmer $85.99 Plus Parts (with sharpening)
Replace snow blower spark plug, change engine oil, check ignition and compression, drain and clean fuel tank, removes carburetor bowl and clean through jet passages, replace carburetor gaskets if required, add fresh fuel and stabilizer, start engine and adjust carburetor, rpms, and idle speed, inspect and adjust belts, inspect paddles and scraper, test operation, clean unit.

Snow ThrowersTuneup Price
Single Stage$90.99 Plus Parts
Two Stage$125.99 Plus Parts

Other Services

Next Day ServicesPrice
Blade on unit per blade$16.00 (per blade)
Ninja blade$12
10-20 inch Chain$8
21+ inches chain$10
Chain on Saw$16
Hedge clippers$35 (3-5 day service)
Charge batteries$5
Tire remove/replace$15
Install/replace tube$18
Change Engine Oil$24.50 Plus Parts (3-5 day service)
Change Engine Oil with Filter$49.99 Plus Parts (3-5 day service)
Recoil Rebuild off unit$40.00 Plus Parts (3-5 day service)
Recoil Rebuild on unit$55.99 Plus Parts (3-5 day service)
Minimum tech Fee - $35

Pick Up and Delivery Service
Round Trip - $55
Extended area - $75.99

Shop Labor Rate - $98.99/Hr